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Viggo Mortensen in The Dead Don't Hurt (Signature
Design & LivingViggo Mortensen’s Western Film Is a Labour of Love
The Taste of Things, 2024
Design & LivingJuliette Binoche on Acting With Her Ex, Benoît Magimel: “I Was Very Moved”
SMQ_Photo credit James Stopforth
Design & LivingOccupied City: Steve McQueen Says His New Film “Fucks With Your Head”
Samsara, 2024
Design & LivingSamsara, a Transcendent Cinematic Experience Like No Other
SCALA!!! Filmed interviewee, director John Waters
Design & LivingScala: A New Documentary Delves Into London’s Anarchic Lost Cinema
Priscilla, 2023
Design & LivingCailee Spaeny on Playing Priscilla: “She Gave Her Life up for Elvis”
The Lost Boys, 2023
Design & LivingThe Lost Boys, a Queer Prison Drama With Rare Sex Appeal
Earth Mama, 2023
Design & LivingEarth Mama, a Piercing Portrait of Black Motherhood
Femme, 2023
Design & LivingQueer Revenge Thriller Femme Puts Masculinity Under a Microscope
Fallen Leaves, 2023
Design & LivingFallen Leaves, a Finnish Romcom to Rival Notting Hill
Queendom, 2023
Design & LivingQueendom, a Fierce Documentary About a Queer Performance Artist in Russia