AnOther Name to Know

Derrick Autumn/Winter 2024
Fashion & BeautyDerrick, the Brand Making Tailoring as Comfortable as Pyjamas
Leo Costelloe
Fashion & BeautyLeo Costelloe, the Artist and Jeweller Subverting Hyper-Feminine Motifs
Lagos Space Programme Autumn/Winter 2024
Fashion & BeautyLagos Space Programme, the Brand Uncovering Nigeria’s Queer Legacies
Raimundo Langlois
Fashion & BeautyRaimundo Langlois, the Brand Subverting Our Nostalgia for Preppy Style
The Esthe
Fashion & BeautyThe Esthe, Daniela Cecilio Neves’ New Line of Elegant “Midwear”
Indépendantes de Coeur Spring/Summer 2024
Fashion & BeautyIndépendantes de Coeur, the Label Centring the Complexity of Female Bodies
Katya Zelentsova Spring/Summer 2024 Benedict Brink
Fashion & BeautyKatya Zelentsova, the Designer Proving Knitwear Can Be Sexy
Vyrao perfumes
Fashion & BeautyVyrao, the Fragrance Brand Blending Science and Mysticism
Paolina Russo Spring/Summer 2024 SS24
Fashion & BeautyPaolina Russo, the Brand Morphing Ancient Craft Into Futuristic Fashion
LL, LLC by Lia Lowenthal
Fashion & BeautyLia Lowenthal, the Martine Rose-Approved Jewellery Designer
Fatma Mostafa jewellery
Fashion & BeautyFatma Mostafa, the Jeweller Melding Impressionism, Embroidery and Metalwork